Importance of Architectural Drafting

A good architectural drawing plays an important role in constructing any building. Expertise in modern and traditional methods is required for creating these architectural drawings. The main advantage of Architectural Drafting and Design is that the architects can initiate utilizing this technology right from the planning stage. When the industry professionals start using CAD in the initial stages, the timeline of the design cycle decreases to a large extent.

Use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) system is becoming increasingly popular to overcome the complexity attached with the storage and management of paper based architecture drawings. CAD architectural designs are always at a low risk of damage as there storage is easy (on hard drive or external memory device less prune to deterioration unlike paper) and can be easily communicated among the members involved in the building construction.  Since the Architectural Computer Aided Design are editable, it saves a lot of time and efforts to revise the design and incorporate any changes that one might feel their original designs needs after they have viewed the final render. Thus decreasing the overall cost of the project to a large extent.

Architectural drawings serve as a backbone for most of the building projects and help designers, developers as well as architects. Drawings help to visualize the final structure. Architects face a challenge when it comes to managing and recording their drawings because majority of the ideas are created on paper.

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